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From concept to delivery, Seasoned brings you a kitchen fit for purpose. Whether you are looking for practicality or dynamism; design never comes over substance. 

Planning a menu that can be delivered consistently and cost-efficiently is critical to any restaurant’s success. Our food-concept services help you create a menu that is gastronomically and operationally perfected for you

With a large social network of close industry followers and a finger firmly on the pulse of the London hospitality scene we are able to swiftly anticipate and connect chefs, looking to make their next move, with upcoming opportunities before they reach the market

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True collaboration with suppliers is how to get the best from one another. Our network of trusted business partners - experts in their respective fields - have been established over years in the industry.

Monthly reporting, balance sheets, food margin - we expect more and more of our chefs to drive down costs and increase efficiency. We provide the tools, process and methodology to keep track with minimal effort.


A little bit about me

Seasoned Consultancy was founded by Richard O’Connell aiming to help businesses with all aspects of kitchen life. Everything from managing kitchen projects to implementing menus, Richard has all the chef consultancy skills to help you do this. After being in the industry for over 30 years, Richard has worked in all aspects of hospitality and with his wide range of skills can help you to achieve any goals set.

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Case Studies

I was brought onto the Hotel to support the team during a re structure time. The Hotels menus need a complete overhaul, from design to costing, tasting and implementation. I then moved onto the Banqueting menus, breakfast and Kiosk. While working on these I supported the hotel with meetings, the Christmas season and social media input. I also recruited them an executive chef who is still currently there, improved the procurement process in turn helping them achieve over 3% increase in their margins and liaised with all suppliers and negotiated better prices all round

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Richard’s cooking ability is of a very high standard, he has a great mix of varied cooking skills and abilities, which made him an all-round great chef, Richard was very hands on,  kept a very lean and tight food budget. He was great at cost control across all areas of the kitchen. The staff really looked up to Richard and admired his hard work ethic and great attitude toward all the staff.

Tom Aikens
Tom Aikens Ltd

I have had the pleasure of knowing Richard both as a friend and professionally for over 20 years now.  He brings with him a wealth of industry experience and knowledge which is always delivered in a professional yet insightful way with a real hands-on practical approach

Chief Operations Manager 

The Office Group London

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