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What Seasoned Can Do For You

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

From concept to delivery, Seasoned brings you a kitchen fit for purpose. Whether you are looking for practicality or dynamism; design never comes over substance. Our kitchens strike that difficult balance between versatility and efficiency that will ensure the smooth running of your operation at less than you would expect to pay.


Kitchen Concept

Planning a menu that can be delivered consistently and cost-efficiently is critical to any restaurant’s success. Our food-concept services help you create a menu that is gastronomically and operationally perfected for you. Recipe templates, stock control and supply management process are just a few ways we optimise margin and ensure quality control.

Food Concept


Monthly reporting, balance sheets, food margin - we expect more and more of our chefs to drive down costs and increase efficiency. We provide the tools, process and methodology to keep track with minimal effort.

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With a large social network of close industry followers and a finger firmly on the pulse of the London hospitality scene we are able to swiftly anticipate and connect chefs, looking to make their next move, with upcoming opportunities before they reach the market. I offer introductory rates which be a fraction of what some agencies will cost you.



True collaboration with suppliers is how to get the best from one another. Our network of trusted business partners - experts in their respective fields - have been established over years in the industry. We can bring that expertise to your table with an unexpected cost advantage.


Should you feel that you need help in any of these areas of interest that I offer as a chef consultant, please do drop me an email where i would be delighted to discuss your needs.

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