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Case Studies

Image by Mitchell Luo

Marriot Hotels ( Bankside Hotel )  

Taking over from an existing London F&B external consultant, Bankside engaged Seasoned Consultancy for a six-week period to design, deliver and enable a large brigade in offering a range of new menus. From café and staff catering to restaurant breakfast, lunch, dinner and banqueting menus, Seasoned worked collaboratively with Bankside’s general manager to craft, test and coach a fantastic team in the delivery of a unique Euro-Antipodean menu. With all onboard, the concept and individual dishes were then presented formally to the group’s operations executive for final sign off.  


During the process, Seasoned recruited new executive head chef to lead and complement the team, supported marketing in building a strong social media presence and renegotiated suppliers and pricing to improve food margin by over 2.5- 4%.  


Based on recruitment and efficiency savings gained in the first 6 months alone, the nett cost to Bankside of working with Seasoned Consultancy was mostly redeemed. 


Engagement period August 2019 – Jan 2020 

The Bankside Hotel

Image by Mitchell Luo

Ministry of Sound Office Spaces ( shared office space )  

Created and designed a grab and go concept for a shared office space environment. This included to strip back original chefs team from 8 to 3, train up new members of the team, full menu design with packaging, costings and implementation. Improved overall business model which came profit and a healthy food cost margin. all food was made in house and the project was a huge success and still is today. the food consisted of a range of healthy hot and cold grab and go items which included a wide variety of sweet options, vegetarian and vegan. Menu prices ranged form £1 to £10 .  Project term 7 months 2-3 days a week . Ongoing mentoring and advice still been given. 

Ministry Of Sound

Image by Mitchell Luo

Eastern Mediterranean University

I am known as the flying chef for arriving each year and holding 1 week classes on modern British food for the students. My classes are for around 20 students who i teach some basic cooking techniques and dishes. Its a great experience and a very rewarding one to see such enthusiastic students each time i return. its not without its challenges though and fresh produce over there is hard to get but a full suitcase coming over helps. 

each class at the end the students are put through their paces with an exam and theory session and i always give prizes of signed celebrity chefs books for the students. 

Eastern University

Image by Mitchell Luo

The Jugged Hare is one of London's most prestigious and well known game restaurants. It was voted in the UK's best restaurants known for its large selection of game, great meat selections and local Billingsgate fish specials. This game this restaurant really hits the spot for full on flavours and an array of taxidermy . 

I returned to the jugged hare to conceptualise a full scale relaunch of all the menus and game concepts of the restaurant. 

It consisted of a full menu launch with costings, tastings, menu training and allergy charts. Working closely with management on all aspects of the food and photography this truly was a pleasure to return to and work with such passionate restauranteurs.  Ongoing contract still in progress whenever any assistance is needed.

 Hovarda is an Aegean (Greek / Turkish) restaurant in Soho.


The restaurant itself is quite stunning - downstairs is the main restaurant space that looks like something out of a “Visit Dubai” brochure (not in a bad way), and there’s a lounge bar upstairs that would be a good place to start a night out.


The food is perfectly fine, and you’ll eat solid versions of things like tuna tartare and tomato salad - they’d be great if this were your local neighborhood Greek restaurant.

My role here is mainly with the weekly cost control, stocktaking and menu development and implementation. 

Contract on going April 2020 - now 

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